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Here is a range of prices for some of the major items you may need when you arrive in New Zealand. These figures are provided as a general guide, but are approximate and may change. You should bear in mind your own circumstances and the city you will live in when looking at these figures. 

Some internationally popular items (As at May 1998)
It might be interesting for you to compare the prices of these items with those in your country. Remember, these are indicative prices only and it's a good idea to shop around. For example, milk is less expensive in a supermarket than in a dairy. Individual retail outlets will be able to provide you with more accurate prices. 

1 pair levis 501s (men's and women's) - $155 
1 can of Coca Cola - $1.00 
1 McDonald's Big Mac - $3.40 
500 grams of butter - $2.15 
1 Litre of milk - $1.40 
1 pair Nike crosstrainers - $179.00 
1 roll of 200 speed, 24-frame colour film - $8.95 


Buying or renting a house_
Prices for homes in New Zealand vary considerably, whether you are renting or buying. A lot depends on where in the country they are - homes in Auckland, for example, are generally more expensive than homes in Wellington. Prices in smaller cities and towns may be even less. Costs also also vary within an area, so it pays to find out as much as you can about the area before you choose to live there.

If you're thinking of buying a house, look in the local newspapers for a guide to prices and ask a local real estate agent for more advice.

Auckland-North Shore ($308,289) 
Auckland-Waitakere ($220,020) 
Auckland City ($343,133) 
Auckland-Manukau ($229,831) 
Auckland-Papakura ($217,570) 
Hamilton ($176,278) 
Tauranga ($196,669) 
Napier ($153,391) 
Palmerston North ($135,493) 
Wellington-Porirua ($151,799) 
Wellington Upper Hutt ($127,546) 
Wellington Lower Hutt ($153,892) 
Wellington City ($232,816) 
Nelson ($163,320) 
Christchurch ($170,281) 
Dunedin ($111,566) 


Invercargill ($81,943) 
North Island Average ($198,319) 
South Island Average ($141,557) 
Auckland Area Average ($282,109) 
Wellington Area Average ($190,223) 
New Zealand Average ($183,986) 

Household Goods :

These are approximate prices for new household goods. However, many shops offer special prices and deals, so it pays to shop around. You may also like to consider buying these items second hand.

Washing Machine ($800-$1200) 
Clothes Dryer ($400-$650) 
Fridge ($750-$1900) 
Dishwasher ($1000-$1200) 
Oven ($850-$1500) 
Microwave Oven ($250-$850) 
Television ($300 for 34 cm screen) 
Lawnmower ($300-$1,000) 
Vaccum Cleaner ($150-$750) 

General weekly living costs per household (as of march 1997)

Weekly living costs in New Zealand will vary considerably between households, depending on how many people are living there and what they choose to buy. This list gives you an idea of household spending costs, supplied by Statistics New Zealand.

Food, Groceries - $109 
Housing, Rent, Mortgage - $134 
Apparel - $25 
Transport - $121 
Other Goods (personal, newspapers, alcohol) - $76 
Other Services (health, savings and leisure) - $663 



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