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Helping employers tap into global talent

Details of a new immigration policy -the Work-to-Residence Programme which will assist New Zealand employers to recruit talent from overseas,were unveiled by Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel today.

The policy,announced last December as the government s "Talent Visa " initiative,,simplifies existing immigration rules for skilled migrants applying to work and livein New Zealand and is part of the government s strategy to further boost economic performance.

The policy stems from the business community,particularly employers,calling foreasier ways to tap into the global labour market and allowing New Zealand employers to recruit talented and skilled people specific to their needs,Lianne Dalziel said.

"The need for New Zealand s immigration policy to attract talented people waswidely discussed at the Government-Business Forums and at major conferences such as The Knowledge Wave and Innovate.Today s announcement is the government s response to this need," Lianne Dalziel said..


"We recognise the importance to employers of retaining skilled migrants after theyarrive,and the need for an efficient process allowing easy transition to residence.

"Under the Work-to-Residence scheme,once those who are recruited by an accredited employer work here for two years,secure a qualified offer on ongoing employment,and meet health and character requirements,they can become New Zealand residents.It is a major advantage to attract talented people to work here,with a simple transition to residence as an incentive to experience New Zealand life with a guarantee that,provided the conditions of the visa are met, they can stay if they wish," Lianne Dalziel said..

Options included in the new Work-to-Residence programme:

Talent (Accredited Employers)Work Policy Aimed at employers who regularly recruit talent from overseas,employers become "accredited " so that the people they recruit can access the Talent Visa.People with job-offers from "accredited " employers have a more streamlined approvals process for their work permits and visas.Employers apply for accreditation every 12 months and are expected to meet criteria relating to their workplace practices and commercial viability

Priority Occupations Work Policy

Enables employers to offer work to people in occupations that the government identifies as "priorities " because of critical skills shortage in those occupations.

Both the Talent Visa and Priority Occupations Work Policy hinge around a salaryminimum of $45,000 with the ongoing employment offers.

The New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS)will administer the programme,and New Zealand employers will soon to be contacted about the new Work-to -Residence options.NZIS will also hold special workshops for employers interested in the programme.

"I am personally writing to employers explaining how the new immigration policy can benefit them in their efforts to attract and retain talent from the global labour market before these people are snapped up by employers from other countries.

"The crux of the new initiatives is about quick and simple access to the global labour market.As a result,we aim to make New Zealand more internationally competitive with the ability to capitalise on positive economic opportunities.New Zealand will benefit from the skills and talent these people bring with them,"Lianne Dalziel said.

The policy also has provisions which allow arts,sports and cultural organisations to sponsor people with exceptional talent in those fields.


Work-to-Residence Programme - How Immigration Policy Can HelpYou Employ Talented People

Attracting talented people to live and work in New Zealand has been identified by New Zealand business and by the government as a key strategy to improve this country s economic performance.

The need for New Zealand s immigration policy to attract talented people has been widely discussed at the Government- Business Forums and at major conferences such as The Knowledge Wave and Innovate.The government has responded to this need with the Talent Visa and a package of options for employers seeking talented people to work and live in New Zealand.

There is no doubt that New Zealand is an attractive place for people to live and work.We are attracting a steady stream of people seeking residence and,through the general skills category,we know they have good qualifications and work experience.


But we also want to help people who choose to make New Zealand their long-term home to contribute directly to the sectors of the economy that are successful.It s also important to New Zealand employers to know that when they recruit skilled people those skills can be available if required,for the long-term,and that the process of recruiting skills and attracting talented people to New Zealand is a smooth and efficient one.

We also want to ensure that residence remains a goal rather than a barrier to people who want to bring their skills to New Zealand.That s why we have developed the Talent Visa and the Work-to-Residence Programme that will enable New Zealand to offer talented people from overseas work in New Zealand and to help those people make an easy transition to residence here.

The Work-to-Residence Programme is designed to simplify the process of applying to live and work in New Zealand for people who have been identified by New Zealand businesses as having the skills they want.

One of the main benefits of this programme is that,after working in New Zealand for two years,and provided they meet some basic criteria,people who have Talent Visas and permits through the Work-to-Residence Programme can make a straightforward transition to New Zealand residence.


The streamlined and simplified process of the Work-to-Residence Programme also benefits employers seeking to attract skilled people.It is easy to understand and simple to action for both employers and talented people wishing to work in New Zealand.

I encourage all employers to consider the benefits that Talent Visas and the Work-to-Residence Programme offer and to become "accredited " to take advantage of this programme so that you can recruit international talent when you choose to.

Hon. Lianne Dalziel

Minister of Immigration


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